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In 2016 a group of payment technology experts saw an opportunity. The payments space, with its legacy systems and patchwork of providers was ripe for innovation. So they set out to build a technology solution capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today’s fast-growing global businesses.

To mark the new beginning, our founding team called the business IconPay, and focused on building a frictionless, state-of-the-art infrastructure that connects directly to card schemes and payment methods around the world, enabling businesses to accept payments and grow revenue online and in store in a single system.
After several years building the core technology, the advantages of working with a single partner and solution worldwide began to be recognized. We signed our first big global customers.

We envision a world in which online payments are fast, simple and secure for everyone — merchants, consumers and banks alike.
For consumers, paying online should be as easy as sliding a bill across the counter. And accepting payments and issuing refunds should be the least of merchants’ worries. Credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, invoices and cash-on-delivery are all middlemen levying fees, debt and interest for the simple task of moving money from one person to another. At IconPay, we work hard to make online payments fast, simple and secure.

We’re an acknowledged world-leader in developing global payment solutions for people’s business and pleasure, whether they’re depositing funds on a gaming site, buying online or sending money to family and friends. We also meet the needs of businesses worldwide, helping them build a global customer base and drive growth. IconPay is a truly global company.

We enable merchants to accept mobile and online payments from buyers worldwide. Our payment processing is seamless, safe reliable, no matter where you are on the map.

The IconPay way

People are our greatest asset. Our unique company culture attracts individuals who take initiative and ownership and can truly contribute to our fast growth. We believe that people reach the utmost if we give them freedom, opportunities and responsibility to build IconPay.

Our culture is very informal and direct. We talk straight without being rude. We are extremely customer-centric. We believe in teamwork, and don’t like egos and hierarchy. When taking a decision we take them quickly but always involve others to further improve. We provide each other regular informal feedback and let everyone design their own growth path.

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